The Temporomandibular joint is often referred to as the TMJ. These are the joints in your jaw which allow your jaw to open and close. While the TMJ can be injured by other causes, trauma from an accident can also cause a TMJ injury. Injury to the TMJ is usually called Temporomandibular joint dysfunction or disorder. When your body is subjected to a high impact collision with another vehicle, there is a great deal of stress that is placed on your body. This includes extensive pressure on your jaw’s connective tissues and joints. This type of injury is not always obvious, but its effects can be long-lasting with respect to headaches, chronic neck pain, ability to sleep, and general mobility.
If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident, and you suspect that you have injuries relating to you jaw which could be TMJ, contact Grover Law Firm. We can help you assess your potential claims.

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When you’re injured in a motor vehicle accident, choosing a good personal injury lawyer is critical. Grover Law Firm’s expertise proved invaluable throughout the process and ultimately in their ability to obtain the compensation I was hoping for. I’d highly recommend them.


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I was involved in a rear end collision in Calgary which I suffered personal injuries. After the crash I tried to deal with the at fault insurance company myself, but they were convinced that my injuries were only minor and offered to settle my claim for $4,641.00. I contacted Grover Law Firm and Steve Grover was willing to take on my case. Even though I did have a pre-accident medical history Steve was able to settle my case at Mediation for $95,000.00. I am pleased with the settlement Steve got for me and recommend his legal services.


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If you are in a motor vehicle accident, i would not hesitate to call Grover Law Firm! Steve and his friendly professional staff are on your side even if the Insurance Company is not!


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