Every employee in Alberta has rights at their job and rights when they leave their job. We can help make sure yours are respected. Unlike most firms that represent employees, Grover Law Firm bills on a contingency fee basis: that means you don’t owe us anything unless we get you a settlement. We can help employees in the following areas:

Wrongful Dismissal

Wrongful dismissal occurs when your employer fires you without cause and does not give you appropriate notice or payment in lieu of notice. Often employers will try and claim they have cause to avoid giving notice or notice payments. If you have been wrongfully dismissed, we can help. Come see us for a free consultation to review your case and learn what options are available to you.

Inadequate Severance

Under both the Alberta Employment Standards Code and the common law, almost every employee terminated without cause is entitled to severance pay. Most employers will try to pay as little severance pay as they can. We can help ensure that you get all the severance pay you deserve.


If you have been discriminated against because of your gender, age, nationality, sexual orientation or for other unfair reasons, we can make sure that your employer is held accountable.


Almost all employees in Alberta are entitled to be paid for overtime. Unfortunately many employers pressure their employees to give up their entitlement to be properly compensated. If you have been forced to work unpaid overtime, we can help you obtain all the compensation you are entitled to.


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